Virtual Journal Club - Article Summary

The intersectional privilege of white able-bodied heterosexual men in STEM.
By Erin A. Cech
Date & Time of Journal Club: Tuesday, October 18th, 2022 at 10amPT/1pmET

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One way that discussions and work toward equity may vary from diversity or inclusion is in attention to
power and privilege. When we don’t pay attention to these issues, people are more likely to experience a
hostile or chilly climate day to day, career trajectories and opportunities are negatively impacted, and
inequalities are reproduced. But what really is privilege and how does it work? This paper can help STEM
community members become more attuned to how privilege operates and how they can interrupt it in
support of more equitable learning and work environments. Using survey data from 25,324 STEM
professionals in the STEM Inclusion Study, “this study examines whether, in the aggregate, [white,
able-bodied, heterosexual men] WAHM experience intersectional privileges compared with members

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