2022 Spring Bridge Department Collaborators Meeting


The Inclusive Graduate Education Network (IGEN) will host the third joint IGEN Bridge Department Collaborators Meeting in Spring 2022. The goal of this Spring's Bridge Department Collaborators Meeting is Sharing IGEN Findings. During this meeting, attendees will be able to connect with Bridge Department collaborators from the geosciences, physics and the chemical sciences. 

In addition to the Bridge Department Program Leads, we also strongly encourage other Collaborators such as faculty and staff members who directly participate with the management of the Bridge Program to attend this Meeting.

Mentoring Resources Discussed: 

Activities for Mentors: 

Mentor Compacts

Mentor Mapping Exercise

CIMER mentor trainings available through IGEN in AY 2022-23

* Leading three webinars for Bridge Program leaders on the Science of Mentorship in STEMM, providing Bridge leaders with knowledge and tools they can use to build cultures of inclusive mentorship across and within their programs.

* Creating institutional maps that Bridge Program leaders can use to maximize the helpfulness of existing institutional resources at their respective colleges and universities. These maps will include lists of existing Trained Facilitators and other university-wide and national mentorship efforts they can leverage.

* Curating and enhancing mentorship education resources that can be distributed through the IGEN website for all Bridge program directors in the network. Included in this would be dissemination of the open source asynchronous mentor training modules developed by a CIMER collaborator at the University of Minnesota.



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