Why Graduate School?

Ready for Graduate School?

Academic Partners

We are partnering with academic departments that are committed to providing support, mentoring, and access to resources that enable their graduate students to thrive.

Apply directly to these programs during the traditional application process to guarantee that they see your application.

Personal Development Opportunities

Build your professional network or develop skills that will help you succeed in graduate school. You can find some internship opportunities or scholarships/fellowships at our partner organizations.

Why Graduate School?

To be engaged in the leadership of research and development work in academic, industrial or national laboratory settings or to secure a university faculty position, one will need to develop advanced scientific knowledge and the skills to lead research teams. Graduate school provides the opportunity to develop the knowledge and skills necessary, through advanced coursework, research, and mentoring.

Want to learn more about whether graduate school is for you?  Explore in more depth at a Getting Ready For Advanced Degrees (GRAD) Lab or by completing the Graduate School Reality Check!

Two Pathways to Apply

Navigate your fall pathway applying to individual STEM graduate programs with the help of our curated media resources. After the traditional application process closes, IGEN provides an additional winter pathway applying to Bridge Programs with the streamlined no-cost IGEN Bridge Application.

Traditional Pathway

In order to navigate the traditional pathway to graduate education, we are providing resources to help you prepare. We strongly recommend applying through the traditional pathway during the Fall graduate application season when you can apply to specific programs that best fit your research and personal interests.

The Pathways to Science Resource Toolbox has many resources to help you navigate the process of searching for programs and completing the application. Discuss applying to graduate school with one of your professors and work with them to create a powerful application.

IGEN Bridge Pathway

There are many reasons why students are unable to navigate the traditional process and, if they do, they might be missed. The IGEN Bridge Pathway enables access to graduate education for Black, Latinx, American Indian, Pacific Islander, Alaskan Native and Native Hawaiian applicants who are unable to get admitted through the traditional process or who are unable to complete the traditional admissions process for any reason.

We encourage you to learn more about how the IGEN Common Application works and how to apply.

Having this network of Bridge Program peers just really opens up the door for all of us.

Brian Zamarripa Roman, 2015 Bridge Cohort, (UCF)

Brian Zamarripa Roman
Brian Zamarripa Roman