2021 IGEN National Meeting

A Virtual Experience

The IGEN National Meeting provides an opportunity for organizations and individuals dedicated to advancing equity for Black, Latinx and Indigenous students in STEM graduate education to share ideas, learn together and develop/strengthen their networks. 

Student participants will be able to:

  • Develop personal and professional skills that will drive forward future academic and professional endeavors
  • Share research findings with the IGEN scholarly community
  • Exchange experiences with peers and potential employers (i.e. personal and professional networking)
  • Increase exposure to academic/professional opportunities 

Employers and Educators will be able to:

  • Learn about evidence-based inclusive practices (i.e. culturally responsive mentoring, advising, etc.)
  • Develop skills to lead equity efforts and facilitate organizational change 
  • Increase their awareness of the racialized & gendered nature of research and academic spaces
  • Exchange experiences with cross-organizational leaders  
  • Bridge Fellow Posters Online

    — Although the 2021 IGEN National Meeting concluded last week, our Bridge Fellow Posters are available online to review. Enjoy learning more about our students' research findings and of the science fields they are most passionate about.
  • Meeting Logistics Update

    — IGEN National Meeting Logistics details will be sent by email to all registered participants Friday, June 11. Updates will be sent each morning.
  • 2021 INM – Call for Posters

    — Bridge Fellows submit your poster submission form today and enter IGEN's poster competition at its 2021 National Meeting. The poster session is designed to help introduce people to your work as well as start a dialog with peers, possible collaborators and possible mentors. Prizes will be awarded to the top 2 poster presentations. Click the link to learn more!

    — Registration for the IGEN National Meeting will be managed by our partners at the American Physical Society. If you do not already have an APS meetings account, you will be prompted to create one before registering. If you have questions or concerns regarding meeting registration, please email us at info@igenetwork.org.